Our Products

Modern glass has found many applications. New innovations and ideas are further adding to the kitty that provides decorative look for windows, curtain walls, doors with patch fittings, skylight frames, sloped glazing, shower installations, wall cladding, table tops and furniture, viewing galleries, display windows, balconies with glass on bolts, staircase balustrades, staircase steps, walkways, canopies and shelters. Flair International is going to provide this wide range for the market.

Product Range And Quality

  • A facility to toughen/heat strength glass horizontally to a maximum size of 4200 x 2440 mm using the most advanced imported plant is our specialty.
  • Force convection tempering machine for clear float glass, reflective glass, hard and soft low-e glass and patterned glass is available

The variety of glass provided by the company will be:-

  • Toughened glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Insulated glass
  • Heat strengthened glass
  • Decorative glass
  • Stained glass, lacquered glass
Max. Glass Size 4200 X 2440 mm
Min. Glass Size 150 X 250 mm
Glass Thickness 4 to 19 mm
Flatness 4 to 19 mm G 0.2%
Quality Standard Tempering: ASTM C1048-04 /EN 12150
Heat Soaking:EN 1663

Products for industrial sectors

Architectural Industry

Automobile Industry

Furniture Industry

Solar Industry

Electrical Industry and Appliances

All other industries using tempered glass